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Application of New Technology

FIM prides itself on it’s expertise and application of new innovative technology to enable systems cost reduction and realize maximum asset potential for the operational life of fields.

Whether it is software, cost models, total integration of reservoir, subsea, host facilities or innovative hardware, FIM offers the most appropriate technological solutions. Typical technology areas of
expertise offered are:

  • Screening studies to identify appropriate technology, its location for optimum recovery
    and exploitation, and integrity for field life

  • Solutions to stranded gas issues in remote fields

  • Solutions to operational issues such as slug mitigation in Multiphase transport

  • Downhole, seabed and topsides separation systems

  • Innovative product development through joint industry projects (JIP’s).

  • Renewable Energy Power Generation.

Flow Assurance Technologies:


The technology products that FIM are currently developing are as follows:

  • Intelligent Slug Mitigation system.

  • Gas to Liquids Absorption technology.

  • A new and innovative Subsea and Onshore gas compression system.

  • A gas refrigeration system without the use of ChloroFluoroCarbons’s.

Renewable Energies


Renewable Energies is a relatively new term in general although its presence has been here since the creation of this earth. It is not clear why humans decided to develop non-renewable energies in preference to renewable energies. It is suspected that the answer is a combination of lack of technical knowledge and the local availability of energy commodities.


FIM has expertise on the following renewable energies:

  • Offshore Power Generation

  • Solar Systems

  • Wind Turbine Systems

  • Geothermal Systems

  • Biomass Systems

  • Hydro Systems

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems

Other Tidal and Currents.

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