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Designing for Transient Operations of Oil, Gas and Water Pipelines. £118

The book is structured to provide design guidelines for transporting single phase fluids (Oil, Gas and Water) between the host processing facility and the reservoir as well as to export facilities. The phenomenon of fluid transients in pipeline operations is presented in detail for these fluids when transported through pipelines. The issues that are confronted in the design and operational development of oil, gas and water pipelines are evaluated in detail as well as methods presented to assist in their design and controlled operations of these systems such as:

  • Oil export pipelines and risers for subsea fields as well as onshore field development.

  • Gas export, production wells artificial lift and reservoir injection.

  • Water injection pipelines for reservoir pressure maintenance operation for the life of these fields.


 Practical case studies are provided to illustrate the application of operational transient assessment methods in the development of these transportation systems. These case studies provide solution methods as guidance for practicing engineers, project managers and investment institutions or individuals that are involved directly or indirectly in the exploitation of oil and gas fields either onshore or offshore.  The mathematical complexities of surge or transients in fluid flow and the solution to the partial differential equations that are used to reflect the propagation of pressure waves are presented. Also presented is the methodology in the evaluation of transient operations in order to minimise or even totally eliminate over pressure risk and hence safety in pipeline operations. Further pressure drop charts have been provided for both liquid and gas pipeline sizing without the use of software in order to enable a first iteration design.


It is hoped that the readers of this book enjoy the scientific and engineering methodologies presented in the required philosophies for the safe and economic exploitation of oil and gas fields and the associated environmental pollution reductions. Further that, young engineers can take some of the ideas presented and develop new innovations to take the energy sector well into the 21st century.     

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