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Renewable Energies-Natures Gift: £51

The intention of this book is many-fold but with the prime objective of providing a reference to the subject of Renewable Energies associated with the design and development of these technologies. It is hoped that the book also provides an understanding of the fundamentals as well as the state of the current art in Renewable Energies analyses associated with the design and operations of these systems in 2017.


This book can be used by both graduate and post graduate students, practicing energy engineers and engineers in other disciples that require an understanding of Renewable Energies as well as lecturers in advanced study courses associated with academic instruction.


The book is structured to provide an outlook of Renewable Energies and provides the big picture from a wide perspective by looking at the continuously changing renewables industry outlook through the world supply, future prospects and demand. The book can be used as a refresher in renewable energy types, characteristics and features. A summary of the main issues associated with each renewable energy is presented which identifies the opportunities for new technologies that are required for the future.


A practical study in the development of Renewable Energies methods for anybody that has interest in changing the current environmental conditions on our planet. It is hoped that this case study illustrates the application of Renewable Energies solution methods as guidance for practicing engineers, project managers and investment individuals and institutions that are involved in the exploitation of renewable energies either onshore or offshore. 

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